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Irish oak light baton fitting

The client wanted a couple of contemporary pendant lights above the kitchen worktop, however, they could not see a light fitting they thought would suit. So, I suggested I could design them one. I put forward the idea of a simple cylinder made of oak that would work with the simple material palette used elsewhere in the house. After a design had been agreed, I set about coming up with a way of making the light as well as keeping to a tight budget.

I sourced an Irish Oak rod that was one meter in length and had a diameter of 76mm and then had this cut in 3 equal parts. It proved to be extremely difficult to find a wood turner that was able to do this but eventually we managed to find someone. The experienced woodturner did a fantastic job on the baton and then the lighting element was ready to be placed inside and the flex connected through at the base and was fitted by the Electrician. The oak rod was finished with a light application of matt oil wax and a LED bulb was added to finish it off.