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Ballyronan Road Dwelling, Ballyronan

This new build home on the outskirts of Ballyronan combines traditional forms with contemporary design and flexible open plan living. The clients are newly retired and their desire was for a new build that would be flexible, modern, easy to heat and somewhere where they can accommodate their large extended family, whether for family dinners or having the nieces and nephews come to stay. At the heart of any home is the kitchen and this was central to the design; the couple like to entertain and both enjoy cooking – so a large open plan kitchen with connecting living and dining areas were a must.

Some of the features of the design are large floor to ceiling sliding doors which maximise daylight and breakdown the barriers between inside and outside. The dwelling has been future proofed as they can easily incorporate another room without having to extend. Adaptable spaces easily allow future changes in the way the home can be used.

Planning approval: August 2017
Status: on site (expected completion August 2018)