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March 2021

Lisburn loft conversion receives building control approval and starts on site in next few months.

Newtownabbey single storey extension starts on site.

January 2021

Proposals for a new single storey extension in Dundonald.

October 2019

Ballyronan House

It had been 12 months since the client moved in and it was now the end of the rectification period (defects liability period) for the Ballyronan house.

It is a good opportunity at this point to get feedback, and I am pleased to say it was all positive apart from a few very minor issues, which were dealt with promptly by the contractor. I am always really glad to see a happy client and makes all the hard work and hours worth it. To see the how fruits of your labour has benefitted someone gives you great pleasure and the feedback always proves invaluable for your next project.

So, from our conversations one of the big positives they mentioned was the quality of the environment – Natural light; passive solar gain; how easily it was to heat; framed views and the connection with nature. They were pleased to tell me that the heating had not been turned on upstairs at all over the course of the year as the levels of insulation, orientation for solar gain and airtightness meant that little heat was required to heat the home. The use of a double sided wood burning stove helped generate “free” energy, as they were able to use seasoned wood that had been felled on their own land.

They are now well settled and want to make a start at being more self sufficient with setting up vegetable/fruit planters, fixing the glasshouse and keeping hens.

September 2019

Construction drawings for a contemporary two story domestic dwelling in the South of England

March 2019

Feasibility study for a small residential scheme in Magherafelt.

November 2018

The Ballyronan house has completed on-site with the clients are extremely pleased with the result. They have throughly enjoyed the process from start to finish and whats more the project came in on time and budget.


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